Pony Pals Therapeutic Riding Association
Pony Pals has been serving the needs of riders in the communities of Delta, Surrey and surrounding areas since 2009. We are known for our friendly family atmosphere, superb coaching, a great safety record and user-friendly horses. Equine therapies and riding can lead to positive long term life changes. P.P.T.R.A. specializes in riders with: • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
• Developmental Delays
• Learning Disabilities
• Emotional and Psychological Problems
• Visual and/or Auditory Impairments
• Down Syndrome / Chromosomal Disorders
• Cerebral Palsy
• Muscular Dystrophy / Multiple Sclerosis
• Head injury / CVA
• ADD / ADHD / RAD and anxiety -related behavioral issues
• Amputations
• Hemipalegia/Paraplegia
• Spinal Cord Injury
There are countless benefits to Equine Assisted and Riding Therapies:
improvement in gross and fine motor skills and coordination; builds self esteem and confidence; improved concentration and comprehension;
development of core muscles, body strength and overall fitness; social interaction, communication, social skills and empathy; lowers stress levels and provides the opportunity for success!