Pony Pals Therapeutic Riding Association

PPTRA will be celebrating our four-year anniversary at our new state-of-the-art  designed facility customized to meet our programs specific needs. Located in Delta, we offer a large outdoor arena, a large fully-enclosed and lit indoor arena and trails for riding. Our heated viewing lounge, with indoor washroom keeps our riders and their families comfortable regardless of the weather.


We currently have eight equine therapists in our program, ranging from small ponies to adult sized horses. All of our horses and ponies are carefully selected for temperament, quality of movement and gait, and soundness. They are then trained by our coaches, with help of volunteers, to accept and excel in the special demands of our therapy program.


Our ponies are desensitized to loud noises, sudden movements, various types of equipment, and the unexpected (such as a hitting, yelling and sudden movements). Aside from the children, the ponies and horses are the true stars of the program!


Where are the wall?
Horses prefer to live in an open environment. By eliminating partitions, our horses and ponies have less stress, and better overall health.